Thursday, September 4, 2008

DVD Demystified

By Jim Taylor
Size 6.8 MB
ISBN 007138944X / 9780071389440
Language English
Publisher McGraw-Hill


"…without doubt the definitive reference book on DVD.”*

DVD is the all-in-one storage technology that is altering the landscape of home entertainment, professional video, business communications, and multimedia computing. Now is the time to learn about DVD and how to use it to its best advantage. In DVD Demystified, Second Edition, industry insider Jim Taylor paints a full, up-to-date DVD picture with a friendly technical introduction. You MUST read it if you’re a multimedia developer, work with educational technology or industrial training, if you’re a filmmaker or musician – or simply want to understand this fascinating technology with potentially huge worldwide impact.

"This is not merely ‘a’ good book to help you make sense of DVD, it is ‘the’ book that you will return to over and over as you explore and come to understand this exciting new optical media format." -- Geoffrey Tully, Multimedia Technology Consultant; former Senior VP of Production, Divx Entertainment

“As one of the DVD industry’s leading experts, Jim Taylor covers every aspect of DVD."-- Ralph LaBarge, Managing Partner, Alpha DVD

DVD contains: Hybrid DVD-Video/DVD-ROM has samples from Broadcast DVD, Dolby, THX, DTS, Joe Kane Productions, Widescreen Review, and others, plus test images, WebDVD HTML files, spreadsheets, and more

Table of contents

What Is DVD?.
The World Before DVD.
DVD Technology Primer.
DVD Overview.
Disc and Data Details.
Application Details: DVD-Video and DVD-Audio.
What's Wrong with DVD.
DVD Comparison.
DVD at Home.
DVD in Business and Education.
DVD on Computers.
Essentials of DVD Production.
The Future of DVD.