Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Databases Demystified

By Andrew Oppel
Size 9.8 MB
ISBN 0072253649 / 9780072253641
Language English
Publisher McGraw-Hill


Through clear language, step-by-step discussions, and quizzes at the end of each chapter, the author makes databases easy. Quickly learn the core skills needed to design, configure, manage, and manipulate databases, whether at work or at home. Topics such as exploring different database models, planning their design, minimizing redundant data, designing tables, applying database design concepts, and implementing database security are covered. This is that fast, easy-to-understand tutorial that you’ve been looking for.

Table of contents

1: Database Fundamentals
2: Exploring Relational Database Components
3: Forms-Based Database Queries
4: Introduction to SQL
5: The Database Life Cycle
6: Logical Database Design Using Normalization
7: Data and Process Modeling
8: Physical Database Design
9: Connecting Databases to the Outside World
10: Database Security
11: Database Implementation
12: Databases for Online Analytical Processing

A: Final Exam
B: Answers to Quizzes and Final Exam