Friday, October 10, 2008

Strategic Supply Chain Management

Strategic Supply Chain Management

# Author: Shoshanah Cohen, Joseph Roussel
# Publisher: McGraw-Hill;
# Size: 3 MB
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 0071432175
# ISBN-13: 978-0071432177

From the Back Cover

How today's industry leaders are building supply chain efficiencies--and creating long-term competitive advantage

Supply chain management is among the most complex and difficult activities in today's environment of shorter lead times, tighter delivery schedules, and dramatically increased product variety. It is also among the most important.

Strategic Supply Chain Management explores the knowledge, techniques, and strategies necessary to create value and achieve competitive advantage from your supply chain. Based on the hands-on experiences of PRTM, the global leader in supply chain management and innovation, this all-in-one guidebook and reference features:

* In-depth and illustrative profiles of seven leading and distinct supply chain organizations, ranging from Eli Lilly to the U.S. Department of Defense
* Strategies built around the Supply Chain Operations Reference-model (SCOR) for increasing both the internal and external productivity of your company's supply chain
* Guidelines for honestly assessing--and incrementally improving--your company's interaction with its supply chain partners

Strategic Supply Chain Management establishes a new standard for building a low-maintenance, high-performance supply chain. Short on theory and long on proven strategies of well-known companies, it will help any organization align its supply chain with its business goals.

"We have to get a handle on our supply chain."

These words have become a standard corner-office lament in today's no-room-for-error business arena. But even when companies address their most glaring supply chain challenges, they can still find that cost-effective and strategic supply chain management is hard to achieve.

Strategic Supply Chain Management is the authoritative, all-in-one reference and guidebook for creating value and competitive advantage for each core supply chain process: plan, source, make, deliver, and return. Written by two consultants from global supply chain leader and innovator PRTM--creators of the PACE® product development framework as well as the industry-standard SCOR reference model--this authoritative book helps you understand the core disciplines that arise from best practices and advanced systems in supply chain management. Those disciplines are:

* View your supply chain as a strategic asset--and establish your organization's basis for competition, developing a supply chain strategy that supports it
* Develop an end-to-end process architecture--and manage your business practices and supporting information systems to continuously address the needs of your organization
* Design your organization for performance--and ensure you have the skills necessary to develop and manage the complex supply chains of the future
* Build the right collaborative model--and continuously improve the state of your relationships with your supply chain partners
* Use metrics to drive business success--and manage continuous improvement within the supply chain

Decision makers and managers charged with the operation of an organization's supply chain can become overwhelmed with the day-to-day demands of the task, leaving them little time to ponder the whats, whys, and why-nots of their responsibilities. Strategic Supply Chain Management moves beyond business cycles and shifting management emphases to examine how organizations are building the core competencies that will determine tomorrow's competitive landscape. As we are thrust headfirst into the 21st century, this timely book outlines the techniques, technologies, and rules that will allow manufacturers to confront the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities that are right around the corner.

Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics

Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics

# Author: Stan Gibilisco
# Publisher: McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics;
# Size: 7 MB
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 0071459332
# ISBN-13: 978-0071459334

From the Back Cover
Quickly and easily learn the hows and whys behind basic electricity, electronics, and communications –- at your own pace, in your own home

Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics offers easy-to-follow lessons in electricity and electronics fundamentals and applications from a master teacher, with minimal math, plenty of illustrations and practical examples, and test-yourself questions that make learning go more quickly. Great for preparing for amateur and commercial licensing exams, this trusted guide offers uniquely thorough coverage, ranging from dc and ac concepts and circuits to semiconductors and integrated circuits.

The best course –- and source –- in basic electronics

* Starts with the basics and takes you through advanced applications such as radiolocation and robotics
* Packed with learning-enhancing features: clear illustrations, practical examples, and hundreds of test questions
* Helps you solve current-voltage-resistance-impedance problems and make power calculations
* Teaches simple circuit concepts and techniques for optimizing system efficiency
* Explains the theory behind advanced audio systems and amplifiers for live music
* Referenced by thousands of students and professionals
* Written by an author whose name is synonymous with clarity and practical sense

Updated to reflect the latest technological trends! The Fourth Edition features new information on:

* Wireless technology
* Computers and the Internet
* Transducers
* Sensors
* Robotics
* Audio systems
* Navigation
* Radiolocation
* Integrated circuits

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Emergency Vascular Surgery

Emergency Vascular Surgery
A Practical Guide
Author: Wahlberg, Eric, Olofsson, Pär, Goldstone, Jerry
Size: 11 MB
Springer Science + Business Media
ISBN: 978-3-540-44393-3

About this book
* A practical aid in emergency situations
* Brief and easy-to-retrieve information
* Indispensable for all surgeons dealing with vascular emergencies

Emergency Vascular Surgery provides detailed guidelines to any physician treating patients with emergency vascular disorders, such as ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms, acute limb ischemia, vascular trauma, iatrogenic vascular injuries and complications to vascular surgery. It provides an introduction to vascular surgical operations and focuses on how to manage patients from the emergency ward through the urgent operation and all the way to the immediate postoperative period. Numerous figures illustrate the particular points in vascular techniques and diagnostic problems in the emergency situation.
Written for:

Residents and trainees in vascular surgery, emergency physicians
Keywords: Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms|Complications|Emergency Surgery|Vascular Disease|Vascular Trauma

Advanced Wired and Wireless Networks

Advanced Wired and Wireless Networks
Author: Wysocki, Tadeusz A.; Dadej, Arek; Wysocki, Beata J. (Eds.)
Size: 10 MB
Publisher: Springer Science + Business Media, Inc.
ISBN: 978-0-387-22781-8
About this book
ADVANCED WIRED AND WIRELESS NETWORKS brings the reader a sample of recent research efforts representative of advances in the areas of recognized importance for the future Internet, such as ad hoc networking, mobility support and performance improvements in advanced networks and protocols.

In Part I, we bring ad-hoc networking closer to the reality of practical use. The focus is on more advanced scalable routing suitable for large networks, directed flooding useful in information dissemination networks, as well as self-configuration and security issues important in practical deployments. Part II illustrates the efforts towards development of advanced mobility support techniques (beyond traditional "mobile phone net") and Mobile IP technologies. The issues range from prediction based mobility support, through context transfer during Mobile IP handoff, to service provisioning platforms for heterogeneous networks. The focus of the final section concerns the performance of networks and protocols. Furthermore this section illustrates researchers’ interest in protocol enhancement requests for improved performance with advanced networks, reliable and efficient multicast methods in unreliable networks, and composite scheduling in programmable/active networks where computing resources equal network performance as transmission bandwidth.

ADVANCED WIRED AND WIRELESS NETWORKS is structured to meet the needs of a professional audience in industry, as well as graduate-level students in computer science and engineering.
Written for:

Professional audience in industry, graduate-level students in Computer Science and Engineering

Modelling and Simulation

Modelling and Simulation
Exploring Dynamic System Behaviour
Author: Birta, Louis G., Arbez, Gilbert
ISBN: 978-1-84628-621-6
Size: 3 MB

About this textbook
* Only textbook to give a balanced and integrated presentation of modelling and simulation activity for both Discrete Event Dynamic Systems (DEDS) and Continuous Time Dynamic Systems (CTDS)
* A project-oriented approach for developing the modelling and simulation methodology
* Novel and contemporary approach to the stages of a modelling and simulation project
* Comprehensive coverage of verification and validation
* OpenDesire and GPSS via authors' website

The application of modelling and simulation is unconstrained by discipline boundaries. It provides support for the planning, design and evaluation of system behaviour, as well as the evaluation of strategies for dynamic system transformation and change.

Modelling and Simulation: Exploring Dynamic System Behaviour provides the reader with a balanced and integrated presentation of the modelling and simulation activity for both Discrete Event Dynamic Systems (DEDS) and Continuous Time Dynamic Systems (CTDS). Unconstrained by discipline boundaries, this book presents the fundamentals necessary to understand the many important facets of the modeling and simulation methodology. For example, a novel project-oriented approach clearly reveals the dependency of model structure and granularity on project goals.

Features include:

• A goal (i.e. project) oriented approach for developing the modelling and simulation methodology
• Simulation program development is illustrated in a variety of programming environments
• Extensively illustrated with numerous practical examples and useful optimization algorithms
• Presentation and use of a novel conceptual modelling approach for DEDS
• Describes the process for incorporating parameter optimization into the modeling and simulation activity
• Includes primer appendices for each of two (public domain) simulation software environments
• Public domain simulation software and a variety of teaching support material are available at a website maintained by the authors

Written for students taking a first course in modelling and simulation at either the senior undergraduate & junior graduate levels, this interdisciplinary presentation provides an essential foundation on the topic. It is also ideally suited for self-study by professionals and others who require insight into the features and potential of this rapidly evolving problem solving paradigm.
Written for: Advanced undergraduates and graduates, lecturers
Keywords: Conceptual models|Continuous time dynamic systems|Event-scheduling simulation programs|Modelling dynamic sytems|Process-oriented simulation programs

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Planning and Scheduling in Manufacturing and Services

Planning and Scheduling in Manufacturing and Services
Author: Pinedo, Michael L.
ISBN: 978-0-387-22198-4
Size: 3.2 MB

About this textbook

This book focuses on planning and scheduling applications. Planning and scheduling are forms of decision-making that play an important role in most manufacturing and services industries. The planning and scheduling functions in a company typically use analytical techniques and heuristic methods to allocate its limited resources to the activities that have to be done.

The application areas considered in this book are divided into manufacturing applications and services applications. The book covers five areas in manufacturing: project scheduling, job shop scheduling, scheduling of flexible assembly systems, economic lot scheduling, and planning and scheduling in supply chains. It covers four areas in services: reservations and timetabling, tournament scheduling, planning and scheduling in transportation, and workforce scheduling. At the end of each chapter, a case study or a system implementation is described in detail. Numerous examples and exercises throughout the book illustrate the material presented. The fundamentals concerning the methodologies used in the application chapters are covered in the appendices.

The book comes with a CD-ROM that contains various sets of powerpoint slides. The CD also contains several planning and scheduling systems that have been developed in academia as well as generic optimization software that has been developed in industry.

This book is suitable for more advanced students in industrial engineering and operations research as well as graduate students in business.

Michael Pinedo is the Julius Schlesinger Professor of Operations Management in the Stern School of Business at New York University. His research interests lie in the theoretical and applied aspects of planning and scheduling. He has written numerous papers on the theory of deterministic and stochastic scheduling and has also consulted extensively in industry. He has been actively involved in the development of several large industrial planning and scheduling systems.
Written for: Graduate students, researchers