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Walter von Baeckmann, Walter von Baeckmann spent 35 years with Ruhrgas AG, in the field of electrotechnical engineering, corrosion and corrosion protection and 23 years as manager of the corrosion protection department. Since retirement in 1985 he has been a consultant and a member of the editorial staff of the technical journal 3R International. He is the author of diverse text books and technical and scientific publications.
Wilhelm Schwenk, Wilhelm Schwenk, Ph.D., was with the Research Institute of Mannesmann AG in Duisburg and was engaged in the field of corrosion and corrosion protection. Since retiring in 1994, he has been a consultant and member of numerous technical associations and committees. He has been a lecturer at the Technical University in Aachen since 1970. Professor Schwenk is the author of several text books and many scientific and technical papers.
Werner Prinz, Werner Prinz (dec.) joined Siemens AG, Mulheim, and from 1961 to 1994 worked at Ruhrgas AG, Essen, where he was engaged in the field of electrotechnical engineering and corrosion protection as an assistant engineer in the corrosion protection department. In the field of electrotechnical and corrosion protection engineering he has been a member of many national and international technical associations including standardization and a chairman of many technical committees.

This comprehensive handbook covers all aspects of cathodic protection in terms of both practice and theory.

Historic development of corrosion protection. Fundamentals and concepts of corrosion and electrochemical corrosion protection. Fundamentals and practice of electrical measurements. Corrosion in water and soil. Corrosion protection by coatings and cladding. Sacrificial anodes. Impressed current anodes. Impressed current installations and protective current instruments. Impressed current installations in the ground and influential factors. Pipelines. Storage containers and storage tanks. Local cathodic protection. Telephone cable. Power cables. Influence of stray current and stray current protection. Marine buildings and offshore pipelines. Cathodic protection of ships. Cathodic protection of borehole piping. Cathodic protection of reinforcing steel in concrete structures. Internal cathodic protection of water tanks. Electrochemical corrosion protection for internal surfaces of apparatus, containers, and pipes. Safety and economy. Effect on long conducting pipelines of high voltage installations. Current and voltage distribution in a stationary electric field.

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