Thursday, August 28, 2008

Facility Piping Systems Handbook

By Michael Frankel

ISBN 0071358773 / 9780071358774
Language English
Publisher McGraw-Hill Professional


Plan, select, design, specify, and test entire piping systems

Facility Piping Systems Handbook, Second Edition, gives you a complete design guide and reference for all piping systems, including those in laboratories, and health care facilities. This new edition includes metric units throughout; updated codes and standards; and new material on flow level measurement, drinking water systems, septic systems, and hot water circulating systems. You’ll also find helpful material on pipe space requirements and fixture mounting heights. Complete with formulas, charts, and tables that increase your on-the-job efficiency, this all-in-one Handbook by Michael Frankel provides you with:

* Techniques for selecting appropriate piping, valves, pumps, tanks, and other equipment involved with piping systems
* Information on heat loss, insulation, freeze protection, water treatment and purification, and filtration and separation.
* All necessary system design criteria
* Examples of system design procedures using actual field conditions
* Listings of FDA, EPA, and OSHA requirements