Sunday, June 8, 2008

Encyclopedia of Environmental Science and Engineering

Encyclopedia of Environmental Science and Engineering, Fifth Edition, Volumes One and Two
James R. Pfafflin - Gillette, New Jersey, USA
Edward N. Ziegler - Brooklyn Polytechnic University, New York, USA

# Contains more than 85 articles, from 76 expert contributors, covering all areas of environmental science and engineering
# Supplies approximately 575 illustrations, 408 tables, and 842 equations
# Provides the interdisciplinary knowledge required of modern environmental researchers and engineers
# Includes coverage spanning the entire spectrum, from brownfields and eutrophication to fluidized bed combustion and natural wastewater treatment systems
# Presents a comprehensive treatment with contributions from leading experts from around the world and across disciplines

Completely revised and updated, Encyclopedia of Environmental Science and Engineering, Fifth Edition spans the entire spectrum of environmental science and engineering. Still the most comprehensive, authoritative reference available in this field, the monumental two-volume encyclopedia has expanded to include 87 articles on topics ranging from acid rain, air pollution, and community health, to environmental law, instrumentation, modeling, alternative energy, toxicology, radioactive waste, and water treatment. The articles have been extensively revised and updated, new ones have been added to cover the latest developments related to today's environmental problems. The result is a reference work that provides the information necessary to understand, manage, and respond to threats to the human environment.

Publisher: CRC Press
Format: PDF
Size: 16 MB