Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Air Pollution Control Technology Handbook

Air Pollution Control Technology Handbook
Karl B. Schnelle, Jr.
Charles A. Brown

In the debate over pollution control, the price of pollution is a key issue. But which is more costly: clean up or prevention? From regulations to technology selection to equipment design, Air Pollution Control Technology Handbook serves as a single source of information on commonly used air pollution control technology. It covers environmental regulations and their history, process design, the cost of air pollution control equipment, and methods of designing equipment for control of gaseous pollutants and particulate matter.

This book covers how to:

· Review alternative design methods
· Select methods for control
· Evaluate the costs of control equipment
· Examine equipment proposals from vendors

# Publisher: CRC; Subsequent edition (October 18, 2001)
# Language: English
# Format: PDF
# Size: 14 MB